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Not entirely sure this is even feasible, (if y’all even like the concept) but I was thinking What exactly do we want? What are we asking of the powers-that-glee? We want to SEE Dave’s journey to a happy future, right? And hopefully hear him sing along the way. And I thought about what physical object could represent that…

I’m picturing an ornament-sized snow globe, done up with glitter inside ala “crystal ball” (to SEE into the future) with a picture of a smiling Dave inside & maybe one of those electronic musical buttons on the bottom. If we can find one that’s customizable, maybe we can even record the “I’m so happy” sound bite from the hospital scene?

So that’s my general concept, but it’s just an idea. I’m happy to help however I can with whatever everybody agrees on :)

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I think if you went w/ this direction I think it would be brilliant. It would be cheaper and really mean something b/c it’s all homemade. You can put words on the back of the photos too. So maybe we can make like a care package. This, the wedding toppers, the letter and the snack size nutella. What do you think?

I think the snow globe idea’s super original and definitely attention-getting! Would prefer them (snow globe and wedding toppers) as separate projects. We have a long, gleeless stretch ahead of us. There’s time for discreet projects. Also, how can we get others involved?

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    The bottles would certainly be cheaper… to me, the trick would be finding a supply of bottles or jars that don’t lose...
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    I think if you went w/ this direction I think it would be brilliant....
  3. cottoncandypink said: You can also make your own… likely be less expensive